How to Create Discount Coupons

You can use coupons to grant customers different types of discounts. * Fixed Amount – e.g $5.00 off * Percentage Discount – e.g 10% off * Free Delivery You can also limit coupons to orders for certain products or for a certain time frame. To offer coupons, you must: Create […]

How to setup shipping

How to create a new Delivery Method To deliver to your customers, you can create various delivery methods that they can use. These methods can also be linked to a logistics provider like FedEx etc. Creating a new Delivery Method To create a new delivery method, click on Settings > […]

How to configure Sales Tax

Introduction To view the tax settings, click on Settings > Taxes inside the admin panel area. You can use this area to modify the tax settings for your shop. Note: be very careful when modifying tax information. If you collect incorrect tax amount, it can become a legal issue. Here […]

How to Include Category and SubCategory in WordPress URLs

Categories and Subcategories allow you to organise content on your website, so your readers can quickly find what interests them. Sometimes you might want to have the category as well as subcategory in the URL. For example: In this example, news is the category and international is a subcategory. […]

How to hide a WordPress page from Google

Sometimes, in order to keep unwanted users away and for privacy from search engines like Google & Bing, you might want to hide a page or post in your WordPress Blog. This article outlines the different methods that allow you to hide your posts / pages. Search engines refer to […]

How to access your automated VPS backups

To access your automated VPS backup dashboard, you must first login to your cPanel control panel. You can login to your cPanel control panel using the following URL: https://YourVPSHostName/cpanel (ie. Once you’ve logged into your cPanel control panel, find the Files section. Within the Files section, click R1Soft Restore […]

How to use Google Analytics on your website

Google Analytics is a system created by Google that can track traffic and metrics on your website. By adding Google Analytics to your website, you can track and analyze the amount of visitors your website receives, the keywords users entered to find your website, the names of search engines or […]